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How can Upload Image on Google | Find Reverse Image Search from Phone


Today you find photos easily on the internet but you have thought about how you can 

upload photos on the internet. You should have seen, whenever you put a name in 

Google Image, it will open an image result that is similar to that name. All photos 

are shown but do you know how photos are shown in Google how we can show 

our photos and images in the Google search engine.

There are many ways to view images in Google Photos. You can use your website 

blog or many types of photo-sharing websites or social media websites. Through 

social media, you can also show your photos on Google and when someone 

searches for the name then your photos will be shown on Google. Most of 

the people are mostly indexed by crawl from any website in Google, after

 which the users also search for the related keywords in the Google search

 engine, Google searches for your keywords and shows you images in 

Google Images, let’s know

How you can upload the photo to Google and how to show in the

 search engine, how to upload photos on the internet.

Note: You can not directly upload photos in Google Image. Any

 photo that is shown in Google Image crawls from any website is indexed in 

Google search engine and after that, the image is shown in Google, then

when searching the name, then it is you have kept in mind.

Find related images with reverse image search

Reverse photo lookup has been popularized by Google. The organization 

presented Google image search in 2001, and from that point, it has been

 supporting millions of individuals to search for image-based content 

with the help of keywords. But as time passed by, it ended up important

 to make a progressively coordinated answer for finding the 

best-matched images using ‘other images.’ Thus, they added a photo 

search function to Google reverse image search in 2011.

How to upload photos in Google images? How to show photos in 

Google search engine.

1.) Create an ID with a Name on Social Sites.

If you want someone to search your name in the Google search engine and 

your photos appear in Google, you should first be able to access all social 

networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Go to network

 sites and create an ID with the same name so that gradually the Google 

search engine will slowly recognize your name.

2.) Create Blog for Photos.

The best and the simplest way to showcase photos in the Google search 

engine is a blog, if you have a photo show on your photos in Google, you 

can create a blog for it. There are several ways to create a blog: Web 

hosting can use if you know what to blog should do then you can read 

this post what you need to create a website or blogs or come whether 

Google bloggers can blog on this service is a Google where you can 

create a free blogs  and get the show on the Google search engine

 by uploading your image

• Creates blogs on blogger

• Upload photos to the post

• Enter the names of the photos you want to show the search engine in photos properties

• Publish post

3.) Share Photos on Photos sharing sites

You can use a number of photo-sharing websites to upload photos to Google

 Image You can share your photos in the Photos Sharing website, in the 

Google search engine You can easily share photos, here you can use the 

Flicker website Apart from this, you can use even more photos sharing 

websites but meditate Are whatever photos you’re sharing that will always 

show that photo Google search engine only must be public

4.) Share photos on all social media sites

You can share photos on all social media websites for any photos you 

want to display in the name of Google search engine if you search for

 the name and keep in mind that the photos should be public as well as

 the name of the ID of the photo they have shared. There should be beans 

on all social sites these are some things that you have to keep in mind.

What you need to remember in order to show photos in 

Google’s search engine.

1. Uploading photos to Google means displaying photos in the Google 

search engine. If you want to see photos, then remember all social 

networking sites on the same name and share photos with them.

2.) Share photos should always be public

3.) Always enter the name of the website or blog in the Alt option, on 

whatever name you want to display that photo in Google

4.) Share your photos everywhere so that your photos will be shown 

soon in the Google image (Google image)

5.) It takes some time for a photo show to be seen in the Google search

 engine. Now it can take a week or two weeks or even months to find 

out when Google indexes it, so you can upload photos to Google Can do.

Top 7 Image Uploading Websites List:


ImageShack is a membership-based picture hosting site with a home office 

in Los Gatos, California. Although ImageShack was the first subscription 

service, the majority of its revenue was generated from advertising 

related to its free image hosting.


WeHeartit is an image-based social network for inspiring images. We, 

Heart, describes it as a place for yourself to “organize and share” 

things you love and a love for your home. Users can gather their 

favorite images to share with friends and organize in the archives.


TinyPic is a photograph and video sharing administration 

possessed and worked by, which enables clients to

 upload, link and share, pictures, and videos on the Internet. The idea 

is similar to shortening the URL, in which each uploaded image has 

been given a relatively low Internet address.

Google Photo

Google Photos is a photograph sharing and storage service created by 

Google. It was announced on May 2015 and the company’s social 

network was separated from Google+. Google Photos provides free, 

unlimited storage of up to 16-megapixel photos and videos up to 

1080p resolution.

Imgur Upload

Imgur became widely known after the rise in popularity on social 

media websites like Facebook, Reddit, and Digg. In October 2012, 

Imgur allowed users to show Imager directly to users instead of 

requiring images to get enough attention through other social media 

sites like Reddit to show on popular image gallery Expand your functionality.


Twitpic was a website and app that allowed users to post pictures 

in the Twitter micro-blogging service. Twitpic was often used by 

citizen journalists, because when the event was taking place, then to

 upload and distribute images in real-time.


Instagram (otherwise called IG or Insta) is a photograph and 

video-sharing social networking service possessed by Facebook, Inc. 

It was made by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. The application

 enables users to transfer photographs and recordings to the service, which

 can be altered with various filters, and organized with tags and location information. A 

record’s posts can be shared freely or with pre-approved followers. Users can

 browse other users’ content by tags and locations, and view trending 

content. Users can “like” photographs, follow other users to add their content to a feed.


In this blog, we have discussed all the points regarding with photo 

uploading and photo sharing on Google search engine and top 

images uploading sites which we mostly used for photo 

sharing. If you find anything useful in this blog then kindly 

share the link with your friends.

About Author:

Chetna Sharma, Editorial Contributor, and SMO executive 

at Geoflypages with digital marketing expertise, enjoy 

writing blog posts. Chetna works day-to-day to reshape the 

social presence of the company. Chetna is a prolific 

writer who has written various engaging and informative

 blogs on various subjects. Chetna when not writing enjoys 

doing other creative works like sketching and image editing on Canva.


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How much Facebook Advertising Cost for Beginners?


How much does Facebook ads cost?

You can run ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Audiences networks on any budget. Some people spend more on coffee every day than they do on their advertising campaigns. The exact cost pertaining to your ad to someone is determined in our advertising auction. Learn how pricing works for our ads and how a budget that works for you is determined.

You can hire anyone Social Media Marketing Agency to run Facebook ads for your business. Marketing Agencies have experts which provide best result within minimum cost. 


If you are the owner of a business that first considers Facebook advertising, then I think your first question is:



"How much does Facebook advertising cost?"


Below you will find the average cost of advertising your business on Facebook, and which factors will affect Facebook's advertising costs.

Table of contents

 The Average Cost of Advertising on Facebook


 Types of ad Objectives


 Types of Facebook Advertising Costs


Facebook ads Cost Types



The average cost of advertising on Facebook


If you measure cost per click (CPC), then on Facebook advertising costs an average of $ 0.27 per click. If you're measuring the cost per thousand impressions (CPM), then Facebook advertising costs around $ 7.19 CPM (ByHootsuite).





Awareness: Advertising with an awareness objective creates awareness and interest in your product or service.


Consideration: Consideration-oriented ads start thinking about your business, product or service and seek more information about it.


Conversion: Conversion ads encourage people to take a specific action or purchase your product or service


Here are a couple more resources on this:


11 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Ad Conversions

Are Your Social Media Ads Paying Off? 8 Metrics You Should be Tracking

Types of Facebook Advertising Costs

Currently there are five different cost structures for Facebook ads: Cost-per-click (CPC), Cost-per-thousand-views (CPM), Cost-per-view (CPV), Cost-per-action (CPA) ), And cost-per-thousand impressions (CPL) CPCs are the most common, though advertisers should choose cost structure based on their ad type, marketing objectives and overall advertising goals that are best for them.


Facebook Cost Types:



(Source: fitsmallbusiness)


Cost-per-click (CPC)


The cost-per-click pricing model charges advertisers only when a Facebook user clicks on their ad, therefore it does business with the goal of encouraging users to click on their website or landing page from Facebook . Advertiser calls to action (CTA) on which a user clicks, from which there are many options like "Learn more" to "Shop Now" and "Sign Up". The average CPC on Facebook ads is $ 1.86 in all industries, in which industry has 45 cents for clothing with cost to garments and $ 2.72 for job training. Facebook is known to be one of the more affordable pay-per-click advertising platforms. For reference, the average CPC on Google Adsis is $ 5, with many CPCs of $ 2.69.


Cost-per-mill (CPM)


Cost-per-mill (CPM) pricing charges advertisers based on every 1,000 impressions, or when the ad is displayed. CPC is often a low cost option for CPC ads. However, because impressions are not necessarily the same for user interaction, they are the most used for advertisers, who use Facebook ads with the goal of increasing brand awareness. The average CPM on Facebook ads in all industries is $ 11.20. This perception is equal to 1 percent. This will vary depending on competition level for your chosen audience and that audience. This means that if your target audience has very little competition, or expensive, then your CPM may be very low, if there is a lot of competition for your target audience


Cost-per-view (CPV)


The cost-per-view pricing model is designed for video advertisements and advertisers are seen by their Facebook user every time their video advertisement is shown. This is a good message for advertisers, in which one video is the best. Keep in mind that one video is only up to three seconds to watch on Facebook; This can not be enough time to express your message. If you need more time, consider a different pricing structure to help you achieve your advertising goals. The average industry CPV on Facebook ads is between 1 cents and 15 cents. With all types of Facebook advertising costs, it can vary from business to business. Since the effectiveness of the CPV cost structure is difficult to understand, consider using your click-through rate (CTR) as an indicator of the effectiveness of your ad.


Cost-per-action (CPA)


Cost-per-action is similar to a CPC with a significant difference: When a user clicks on CTA of his advertisement, advertisers are charged for taking a certain action on their website, rather than being charged. Advertisers set up tasks for which they have to be charged, and action includes newsletters from sign-up to app downloads and online purchases tracked through Facebook pixels. This is usually the most expensive pricing model. The average CPA for Facebook ads is $ 18.68. The average broad range of CPA cost structure is $ 55.21 per action on the technology from education industry to $ 7.85. To be cost effective, make sure the value of your audience's action is at least (or more) than the CPA; Otherwise, your campaign will get a negative return.


Cost-per-type (CPL)


Cost-per-pricing is similar to CPC, but CTA "likes" your business's Facebook page. It's usually low cost, and it's best for those businesses who are new to Facebook and want to build brand awareness. It is also worth noting that those using CPL should plan to be very active on their business page. Otherwise, paying for the choice does not increase; The Facebook Business Pages are effective only if they are used continuously. The average CPL for Facebook ads is between 10 cents and 17 cents. However, they are considered very little, but keep in mind that CPL does not receive direct revenue, say, CPA, so the low value is related to the result of low value.


Average Facebook CPC & Other Benchmarks by Industry in 2019


(Source: WordStream)


If you are new to Facebook advertising and are not the most tech-savvy, you would like to get a marketing partner. You are going to waste a lot of time trying to find out all the nuances of Facebook advertising and the costs associated with it. You can hire us for running a Facebook ads for your business.




Navneet Kumar is a Digital Marketing and SEO expert working at Geoflypages. You can follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram


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Key Strategies to Start Your E-Commerce Website Design

Key Strategies to Start Your E-Commerce Website Design


According to the market research firm, (Kantar’s annual Brandzbrand report, “E-commerceGiant Amazon” Beat “TechGiants Apple” and “Google” to become the world’s most valuable brand. If that’s not enough to state the power of growing E-commerce industries then I don’t know what else. The Reason?, E-commerce websites are enormously popular amongst the consumers due to its global reach, More and more people are choosing online shopping over conventional shopping due to their busy schedule and the convenience they get as they can shop while doing their household chores or working in the office or anytime in the night as well.

E-Commerce, as the name suggests, involves the process of selling or buying things on an online medium. Ever since its inception, the e-commerce industry has only grown. If you have a business or you are thinking of doing business, irrespective of the size of your existing business, then you can definitely consider taking it on the e-commerce platform and be in the race to write another success story. The first step in launching your e-commerce business is to create an e-commerce website and for that, we are going to take you through some of the crucial elements that you must keep in mind while designing and developing your online store to ensure more conversions.

Responsiveness and User Experience

This is the first and foremost important thing as you are designing your website for the consumer and therefore it is most important to provide them the best user experience so that they purchase from your website and then again come and re-purchase from your website. As e-commerce websites are not just about making new customers, in order to achieve success, sustaining your existing customers is crucial.

Your website’s layouts, product arrangement, responsiveness, how easy it is to find the products, the check-out process, etc, are some of the imperatives that decide a user’s experience on your e-commerce website. AS it is not a real-life retail store a consumer cannot check or touch the products or services before purchasing, so your website should be well arranged and equipped with all the features that will give users real-life shopping experience. If your website lags then the user will get frustrated midway and leave your website increasing the bounce rate.

Keep it Simple! But Significant!!

This is the motive you should remember when launching your e-commerce business. Keep the design of your website simple. Don’t complicate it by putting too much information on a single line as it increases the chances of Bounce rate. A simple layout with necessary information is more likely to appeal to customer than an over arranged complex layout that only confuses the customer, cause at the end of the day a customer visits your website “To Buy” things, Don’t distract them from it and design a layout that helps them understand and process better.

Easy Navigation through the website

It is not easy to gain visits on the websites e-commerce businesses spent a hefty amount in order to get traffic to their website, so when you do get visits on your website, make sure that your website provides the audience with easy to understand and simple navigation menu that helps them to find the products easily, the mantra is “Don’t distract or confuse them”. Poor navigation results in a higher bounce rate. You can take help from many e-commerce websites like AmazoneBay, etc as to how to keep your navigation option on your website. You can put them on the top right side or top left side or just at the top of your page, but don’t put “too many options. There are a few things you can keep in mind while developingyour e-commerce website:

  • The layout of the main menu on your e-commerce website should be simple and there should be plenty of white space (empty space) in your navigation option.
  • Use the drop-down menu style if you have many products and listing on your website.
  • Put a search option on the top of each page of your website so that users can easily navigate through a variety of products at any point in time.
  • Organize your products in labels and categories and subcategories to avoid confusing the user. Like you can put men women label for your clothing brand and then put the categories like jeans tee shirts etc.
  • Give the option of a Cart or shopping bag on the top of your page as well after all people have come to visit your website for shopping purposes so provide them a cart, the e-commerce way!

  Products Images and Products description are Crucial

One of the drawbacks of online shopping is that a user can’t touch or check the product as one would in conventional shopping; this fear of not getting the right product can deter the user from buying your products or services Online. Hence gaining the user’s trust in your product can increase the chances of the sale as it all comes down the user satisfaction, provide all the necessary information about the product or service significantly. People judge the products mainly by two things Product images and the product description.

Product Images or Videos-Try to incorporate significant images that cover 360 views of the product so that it elucidates the viewer what they are buying and how much it meets their requirements. Studies show that products or services that have a descriptive video or images in high quality have a higher chance of being sold as it takes users closer to how the actual product would look like.

Product description – It is equally essential to put an elaborative product description that highlights the product information .suppose you are selling a biscuit ,your product description should include important information about its ingredients, manufacturing date, expiry date, quantity if it’s a pack, weight gives users clarity about the product and increases the possibility of conversion as a satisfied user has a higher chance of buying the product than someone who wasn’t sure about the authenticity of the product. It is advised to add reviews of the products along with a description as it provides further perspective to the user.

Add Filters to product

The means of online shopping is to provide the required product in a time and energy effective way ,When you have large no. of products on your website a customer doesn’t want to go through all of them to search for what they  want, therefore introducing a Filter option can do wonder for your business. So instead of scrolling through the long list of products and getting tired midway and closing the site, the customer would apply the filter as per their need and then scroll through only those products that are relevant, hence increasing the chances of conversion.

Products Arrangement in a Grid view- How you show your products on your webpage also decides how many people will be attracted to buy it. So Instead of creating a list of products, a grid arrangement with 4-5 products in each line gives a better perspective on the product one is looking for.

Genuine Pricing

So you have designed an attractive and responsive e-commerce website and well-arranged your products, But, you have decided to recover all the investment at one go by pricing too high in comparison to other e-commerce websites. Building Trust within the customer is the key to have a lasting prolific e-commerce business. In order to get succeed in this highly competitive industry, one must put genuine pricing of the products available on one’s website. People look out for genuine and cheaper products online, nobody wants to pay extra money for the thing that is available at a cheaper price on other websites. So with honest pricing customers not only convert into the sale but they re-visit your website to repurchase another item and hence giving a boost to your business and building your brand.

Check out Process is Convenient

 People want to put energy into finding what they want instead of waiting at the check-out for a lengthy process to end. In order to decrease bounce rate try incorporating the following tips:

  1. Don't force users to sign up to buy a product. Provide Guest account also as studies have shown 28% people cancel the shopping when they have to sign up.
  2. Don’t ask for unnecessary information in the checkout; just ask the mandatory ones like name, delivery address, phone no. and payment method etc.
  3. Provide a Buy now option along with add to cart option with each product so that a user can directly buy a required product.

Mobile Compatibility

According to a survey on a total of 2.5 billion people of the world’s population use a smartphone with China and America leading the smartphone market respectively. The numbers are soaring high with each passing year and it is much higher than that of a desktop user or a tablet user. So designing an effective website is of no use if it is not compatible with mobile devices. As more people use a smartphone to cater to their daily needs you must optimize your website for mobile users in order to increase the conversion rate.

Last but not the least having Contact information or helpline option on your website also adds credibility to your website. This is an assurance that in case the customer is unsatisfied with something he can reach out to you directly and hence he can afford to try purchasing your services or products.

E-commerce market is here to stay with its ever-growing industry, but success in e-commerce business is no cake walk so you need to be patient as online sales don’t happen overnight and there is a capital investment required in maintaining and promoting your website but with clever Strategies and customer sustaining policies one can be assured to have massive success over time.

If you are still uncertain about creating the best e-commerce website design then you can always hire professionals who have expertise in designing an e-commerce website and to your good, Our Company helps businesses to write the saga of success, Please feel free to Contact us +1(707)-300-6420 anytime at Email:

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What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Effective for Website Ranking on SERP.

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Effective for Website Ranking on SERP.


If you are Internet savvy or use the Internet for business purposes then chances are high that you may have come across the word SEO more often than not. As dreading as it may sound, it is actually not that difficult to understand.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, as the name suggests it is a tactic that is used for the website to stand out in a Search Engine’s Ocean of websites. In other words, this  Internet marketing strategy helps your website to rank in organic Internet traffic and improve the visibility of your website by ranking higher on the web search engine pages (SERP) resulting in more visitors, more leads and hence more business.

SEO Decoded

Don’t get worked up! Let me break it down for you in simple ways. There are as many as 1.8 billion websites on the Internet providing many services products and offers. If you have a question in your mind of any sort, the Internet has the answer to most of them! It is found that approx 91% of the users of the Internet relies on search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc to find the answers to their needs. The catch, however, is that out of all the results people find on the Search Engine Results Page(SERP) most people(approx 95-96%) just check the first page of the Web page results and only the first few listings get the most attention from the user. That is why businesses need SEO, to improve their website’s ranking and show them on top of search engine pages.

The Mechanism Behind the Working of SEO

There are many factors that search engines use to crawl or scan through the websites to determine its relevance to the audiences and hence the ranking of the website.

The Keywords or Topics you include in your content.

How original is your content?

How relevant is your content?

How many references to other sites or Backlinks you include in your content?

Your site’s readability and speed

SEO techniques help you improve these factors to attract organic or unpaid traffic to your Website.

Content Marketing

It all comes down to the content eventually!! Your website's content matters the most. It should be original, fresh and relevant to reach the targeted audience. Writing blogs, articles and social media contents can help in increasing the visibility of your website. Incorporating "How to guides" and visual contents, Tutorials, etc. also help in attracting Internet traffic. The more relevant fresh and consistent your content is the more viewers it will garner.

Types of SEO helpful for Improving Website Ranking


Here we will discuss the tactics which you can implement in your website to make it SEO friendly. Remember that SEO doesn't happen overnight. You might have to wait a while before your website reaches the highest rank in the web search engine results but what I can assure is that it will be worth it for your company.


On-page SEO factors are those which are in your control and you can work on, to improve or change. There are many factors that control your ON-PAGE SEO

How interactive your content is! It should be exquisite to the user's need in order to grab and sustain the user's attention in order to generate business. 

Your Website's speed, It will determine user experience on your website and also be a key factor when search engines crawl your website to determine your website's speed.  

Internal Backlinks (the link on your webpage that connects it to some other content's link on your website)

Your content's Title, It is very important to choose an attractive and most searched about topics as a title in order to get higher rankings.

The Meta Description, The description which you see after the URL line on the results page that gives you the summary of that page. We see results on Search engines as Heading/URL/Meta Description, so it is very important to optimize it as users and search engines use it to check relevancy.

The Sub Headings of your content. Try to incorporate more relevant headings (Useof Meta tag H1 – H6 for Website Ranking) as when search engines crawl a website they use this information also in determining the quality of your content.

 And another thing which is very important is that most users who search for things use mobile devices for their searches, so make sure that your websiteis mobile friendly as it generates as much as 96% of the Internet traffic.

OG Tag: Og tag (Open Graph Tag) inserted in your website header section. Og tag is important for your social audience. You can use og tag generator tool for og tag.

Twitter Tag: Twitter tag is also inserted in website header section for twitter audience. You can use twitter tag generator tool for twitter tag

For Website SEO Audit you can use many tools for website optimization




OFF-PAGE SEO factors are those that happen outside your website, and hence, are not in your control. However, you can always try at your end to improve these as much as possible. There are a few points that need to be paid attention to in order to achieve better results.

The Backlinks

The links which connect your website's content to some other website's content are key factors affecting Off-page SEO,   The quality of your backlinks is as important as the quantity of it. It shows search engines how much you people can trust your website.

so when you provide a link to someone else's content then make sure that it is an authentic and relevant link which is also adding to the user's requirement and not just for the sake of adding backlinks. Search engines will crawl (scan) your website and check both how many backlinks you have incorporated in your content and how authentic is the website which you are referring to.

Social Factors

This includes how much shares, likes you get on your webpage. It also helps search engines to determine how relevant your content is to users and how is the user experience at your website, which, in turn, decides your ranking.  

The main motive of incorporating these SEO techniques is to improve Off-site SEO, is to build trust amongst the users and subsequently building trust with the search engines. The more genuine, fresh and relevant will be your content and the backlinks you provide are the more search engines will trust your website to provide quality and content which will subsequently help your website to reach the top of the search engine results page.

The sooner you start implementing SEO techniques on your website the sooner you will reach the top ranking ladder as SEO is a process which takes time as you do it organically to generate genuine, unpaid and useful traffic to your website which can be converted into the business.

You can follow more Off-Page SEO technique to create high page rank Do-Follow Backlinks on your website and can generate more Organic Traffic from SERP.

  • Business Listing
  • Blog Posting
  • Articles Posting
  • Comment Posting
  • Classifieds
  • Bookmarking
  • Forum Posting
  • Create Web2.0
  • PPT Submission
  • PDF Submission
  • Video Posting
  • Profile Creation
  • Directory Submission
  • Guest Posting
  • Podcast Submission
  • Infographics
  • Image Submission
  • Press Release
  • Competitors Backlinks
  • Social Media Posting

At any point, If you feel that you alone can not do it then don't worry professionals like us are here to help you out and do the SEO for you.

You can call us anytime on below mentioned no. and leave your SEO problems for us! We will take care of it!!

If you found this useful then help your friends, colleagues, and others to understand the world of SEO better by Liking and Sharing!

About Author:

Mike Anderson,

Mike Anderson, Editorial Contributor and Technical Manager at  with a preliminary background in digital marketing and expertise in website development, Mike works day-to-day to reshape the Digital Marketing of digitally based companies. You can follows on: Facebook ,Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. When his focus trails outside of website engagement, Mike enjoys the indulgences of writing amidst the nature conservations across the globe.





Planning to Expand your business digitally but don't know how to do it? Don't worry we've got you covered! In this post you'll be going through all the tricks you are gonna need in embarking on the new journey in the world of Digital Marketing.


The first question that arises in your mind when you hear this term is, What is Digital Marketing? and Why do I need it?. In simple words, Digital Marketing is the marketing of products & services through various digital platforms. The platform could be a digital banner, digital advertisement, your mobile phone or any other medium which works on digital technologies. We are gonna take you through some Digital Marketing Channels which will surely take your business to reach new heights.

  1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process which helps in increasing the visibility and organic (or unpaid) internet traffic to your website to generate more leads and in term more business. Suppose you search for a query on Google, Yahoo or Bing, then you get many relevant websites containing the keywords which you provide in the search box as search results to your query. The websites that are shown on the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP) have a higher chance of being visited or clicked over (known as Click-Through Rate) than those of on the subsequent pages. SEO strategies come to your rescue there and help your website to reach the top of the result's page by optimizing most searched topics or keywords, content, titles, URLs, image optimization on your website.

  1. SMO

SMO, an abbreviation of Social Media Optimization, is yet another most important tool for Digital Marketing. This is the process of promoting your products or services on social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Promoting your brand and services on these platforms can help people to find you online and hence better business opportunities.

  1. Content Marketing

You may have heard this thousand times from various people that "Content is the King!!” it holds true for Digital Marketing as well. It is the heart and the soul of your Digital Marketing Planning. Always, I repeat, always! Try to be original and fresh in your approach when you create content for your website. By creating and sharing fresh and relevant content in the form of videos, writing blogs, social media posts, etc businesses generate interest in the audience about the product and hence it helps them to achieve their business goals.

  1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)Advertising

In order to gain increased visits to your website, you can go for this internet marketing model that offers you to pay for the visits each time someone clicks on the ads you've published on the portal. In this way you don't have to wait for the organic visits to happen, instead, you can buy it! Have you heard about Google Ad??? It is a perfect example of PPC. Each time you click on an ad that is displayed on the top of Google’s results page, the advertiser is charged for that click. It is very important to incorporate the keywords in your ad that makes it relevant and useful for the user in order to convert that visit into a business.

  1. Blogging

It is yet another tactic to generate business leads. It is basically an informative or discussion-based text series that is used to catch a user's attention to the website that helps in promoting the products and services. The more informational, interesting, fresh and frequent your blog posts are the more visitors will come and return to your website giving you more business opportunities. Therefore many businesses use blogging as a means to digital marketing.

Apart from the above techniques, there are more which you can implement in your business strategy to boost your sale

Incorporating these Digital Marketing Techniques in your business will surely take your business far ahead in the competition. If you are dreaded by the whole process and clueless about how to do it on your own then Don't worry! There are many talented professionals who are working in this field, specialized in promoting your business digitally.

And to your ease, we are one of them! You can hire us anytime to hone your business digitally.

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Top 2D & 3D Animation Motion Graphics Companies in New York (NYC) USA

Top 2D & 3D Animation Motion Graphics Companies in New York (NYC) USA


Considering the speed at which technology progresses, its trends tend to follow the identical pace! Animation and motion graphic trends are dynamically changing with the advancement achieved over the amount of time. Achievements within the 3D technology particularly are opening a wondrous window of opportunities that were once deemed impossible to attain.

Similarly, 2D animation is advancing inside its regime to assist designers to reach milestones and set new records. 2019, so far, has shown a mix of the 2D and 3D trend, delivery a totally innovative solution to animation and designing.

You can currently create a lot of complicated visuals by the mixture of the two and use them during a fluid motion to form a more concrete and realistic output.

Motion graphics, in 2019, has allowed you to exit of the traditional box and visualize even your creative person imagination. Among the highest trends of 2019, the ever-changing dynamics of 3D and 2D animation has strong the animators to attain vital milestones.

The motion graphic trends are currently leading the sector of technology alongside the popular culture movement. They’re creating their approach into numerous fields in 2019 that wasn’t conceivable before.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the highest trends of animation and motion graphics that are gaining attention in 2019. Let’s have a glance at them.

Combining 2D and 3D Graphics

This idea is proving to be a helpful one since 2017 however it’s intense in 2019 and creating outstanding success in enhancing the storytelling expertise. The 2D animation studios are currently integrating 3D graphics to make a lot of realistic images and testing new approaches to attain higher graphics.

The examples are currently visible in some high-profile commercials and films. This good combination of two has given the marketers a less expensive choice to get appealing graphics designed from the artistic agency and improvise their campaign.

Booming Visual Effects Capability

With the building audience appreciation for science-fiction and superhero-led movies, the worth and wish for visual effects are increasing. From coming up with complicated characters to digitally making surreal scenes, the motion graphic designers are currently functioning on extremely advanced visual effects.

There’s rarely something that you simply cannot create digitally any longer. Even the commercials in 2019 are currently using VFX and became in style.

Liquid Motion for smooth designing

2D animation studios and artistic agencies are currently using liquid motion to develop smooth transitions and form transformations to make a lot of compelling look and appealing visuals.

Liquid motion adds a lot of organic feel to the design and allows a clean transition and movement to allow a more seamless movement of the visuals on screen. This has actually exaggerated the ability level of the digital taking part in the field.

Pastel Palettes Aren’t Out of Fashion however

Pastel colors are in trend for a couple of years currently. Their significance, however, seems to extend with time. 2019 has seen the utilization of pastel palettes in making a lot of powerful and dense images to convey numerous impacts.

Motion graphic designers within the artistic agency are using these colors in movements to boost the consequences and look of the visuals.

Colorful palettes will build your storytelling more prestigious and facilitate your set the precise mood you wish to integrate. Pastel colors still build a positive impression on the user and are highly in trend.

Retro designs are back

Retro motion is creating a comeback and also the designers are making a brave move of mixing it with visual effects to make a more appealing and increased outcome. They’re combining the previous designs with newer options and gaining quality with this experiment. Their tries are met with a positive response from the audience.

This has compelled the designers in artistic agencies to utilize this mix of previous with a contemporary bit to succeed in dead set the targeted audience during a lot of compelling manners.

Morphing in Digital designing

The artistic agencies have begun to indulge in techniques that assemble multiple ideas and transition them from one to a different to create morphing graphics.

The transition of one form to a different or swift transformation of images is a lot of participating to appear because the viewer tries to scan the message before it changes into the next.

Morphing graphics has become rather fortunate to transfer the message with a lot of effectiveness. You can specify a lot of in less time while not losing the eye of the audience. This approach is wide welcome by the businesses and therefore the audience and has become a vital part of animation and motion graphic trends.

Top 5 company in Animation & Motion Graphics

  •  Geoflypages | 2D & 3D Motion Graphics


  •   Wild Factory


  •    NovelStudio


  •    Click 3X


  •   Design Motion



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Learning is a vital part of our personal journeys. We want to everlastingly explore new things and opportunities to grow and develop. Whether or not you're new to web development or you’ve been there for quite a while, blogs are an excellent supply of inspiration for every folk.

In this post, I’ve compiled a listing of my favorite web design and web development companies that I take a look at from time to time. Please, note that they're organized in no specific order. Enjoy!


They produce a lot of results, work more durable, and have a lot of experience. Experion Technologies is an IT solutions & services company with specializing in digital technologies. Experion uses the ability of Mobile, Web, Analytics, Cloud, and Digital technologies to unlock the potential of companies across verticals. They tend to concentrate on serving the Enterprise, ISV and Startup segments across the Retail, Transportation, health care & monetary Services domains.

Geoflypages| Website Design Company

Geoflypages objective is to provide the best services in the web design and development field by applying fundamental approaches that deal with real-time problems to conclude with the best solutions.  Their team of web design and development professionals helped IT firms worldwide by providing Web-based business using the latest technologies and trends in the market. The continually changing requirements of the web market and they offer a one-stop solution to assist your business needs. They are the leading IT services provider. Their team of creative people works on bringing life to the imaginative concept of the client. Their skillfully trained professionals offer complete digital promoting solutions to resolve advanced issues.


On the clock, they’re technology experts and leaders that bring energy, passion, and knowledge to every project. Off the clock, they’re an eclectic bunch of foodies, music buffs, artists, sports fanatics, karaoke pros, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Their innovative software solutions tackle specific tech challenges across several industries. While the roots are in education, nearly half of the business is focused around healthcare and the large amounts of secure data that comes with it.


They’re glorious strategists and know the way to return up with creative solutions that meet our final goals.” we are a client-centric team of pros with a passion for making, enhancing, and managing victory websites and digital experiences. As a recognized international leader in development and design, our proactive growth model empowers our purchasers to exceed their goals whereas integrating our team with theirs. They tend to mix technology, creativity, and strategy to transform your audience from guests into evangelists.


Led by speed, innovation, and quality, Mobikasa could be a well-established company providing full-fledged internet, tablet, and mobile application development services. Their caliber lies within the dedication that infuses in no matter to do to deliver worth to your business. They make sure of your business desires by conveyance the proper solutions while not crossing the fine line of monetary fund constraints you’ve set. Backed by a team of intelligent professionals, Mobikasa designs develop and deploy solutions as per your needs. Our technical artistry within the business has set us aside from others.


They has been delivering software development and connected IT services with latest industry trends and quality requirements to deliver powerful and secure software that fits corporate environments perfectly and brings positive user experience. There mix evidenced methodologies, business domain data, and technology experience of software professionals to deliver high-quality solutions.


As a software development company, iTechArt helps VC-backed startups and aggressive tech corporations build productive, scalable merchandise that users love. There forte are agile dedicated groups of brilliant minds who rock in web, Mobile, Big Data, QA & Testing, and DevOps.


Matellio is a software design and development company that gives end-to-end development service for web and mobile development. Matellio has a tendency to work on a large vary of technologies starting from open source to proprietary and custom designed solutions. They've grown from being a bunch of four engineers in an exceedingly tiny area to a team of engineers in operation in a world-class development surrounding.

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